Calculation form 2 for the standard normal distribution. Dr.Funatsu, Professor of Meisei university, Tokyo Email@Contents of forms@Top page
C is the area of right side and
  0.000001…Cƒ0.5, (C‚0.5)
E is an index of calculation errors
  and 0.00001…E…0.01
C= E=
Value of C in calculation=
Value of E in calculation=
Value of b=
Probability density(b)=

No calculation for a here.

Positions of C and b are fixed in the image, irrespective of input value of C in the left column.

0.000001…Cƒ0.5................ To seek related probabilities for given a and b
Calculation errors of b The smaller E is, the smaller become the errors. Following tables are of examples of errors.

When C=0.025(decimals not roundedj
                    E=0.01        E=0.001      E=0.0001      E=0.00001
Shown value of b    1.965         1.95999      1.95995       1.959965
True value of b     1.959         1.95996      1.95996       1.959964

When E=0.0001(desimals not rounded)
                    C=0.1        C=0.05       C=0.025     C=0.01      C=0.001     C=0.0001     C=0.00001
Shown value of b    1.281550     1.644850     1.95995     2.32635     3.0903      3.72         4.5
True value of b     1.281551     1.644853     1.95996     2.32634     3.0902      3.71         4.2